Hysitron TI 950 Nanoindenter with Vacuum Stage

Capabilities include

  • 2D transducer for Scratch testing and Coefficient of Friction determination                       
  • Dynamic testing: ideal for polymeric and ultra-thin film coatings
  • Contact mode imaging: ideal for precise indent placement and determination of indentation pile-up 
  • High temperature capabilities up to 400°C 
  • Electrical contact resistance measurements for conductive materials
  • New vacuum stage installed for large samples, eliminating the need of an acetone soak for mounting removal 

Internal: $20.43 / hr
External: $275.00 / hr
Subject to annual revision


Capabilities include

  • High sensitivity with the ability to Detect species in the parts-per-million (ppm) to parts-per-billion (ppb) range
  • High mass resolution of ~0.00x amu
  • Capable of ~70nm spatial resolution
  • Can obtain elemental and molecular information from a mass range of 0 to 10,000+ amu simultaneously
  • Depth profiling with parallel ion detection
  • Species mapping in both 2D and 3D
  • Ability to analyze insulators and conductors
  • Retrospective analysis 

Interested users should contact Mr. Michael Walker:

Internal Academic rate: $87.06 / hr
External Academic rate: $154.81 / hr
External Industrial rate: $550.00 / hr

Lithoz CeraFab 7500

Capabilities include

  • Build volume: 70 x 43 x 170 mm 
  • 40 micron pixel resolution on digital light projector
  • 25 – 100 micron layer height
  • Accommodates Lithoz slurries such as alumina, silicon nitride, and zirconia as well as custom slurries

Interested users should contact Sarah Sortedahl:

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